For most people looking for not so expensive accommodation for their vacation, the first and only option that comes to mind is a hotel. However, there is an alternative that not only works cheaper but has the added advantage of better amenities. These are called serviced apartments.
A serviced apartment is basically an apartment that is fully furnished and offers the privacy and comforts of home, but runs like a hotel, with cleaners who “service” the apartment.
Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be in a city for a long time to rent one of these apartments. With the establishment of more and more nice serviced apartments in Mumbai, it is possible to book for short term stays as well.

  1. Extra Comforts Of Home

Just like the common saying that there is no place like home, serviced apartments offer you a home away from home. Apart from the fact that it is not expensive, there is a lot of comfort associated with them. An essential example is that it is not as small and impersonal as hotel rooms. Serviced apartments in Mumbai usually come with with a separate living and dining area. This beats hotel rooms where you are usually confined to a small bedroom. It is more common to feel just like you are back in your country lounging in the comfort of your home while you are actually at a rented apartment in another country. This is an exceptional feeling for a traveler.

  1. Privacy

Honestly, life in Mumbai is really busy, noisy and quite rowdy. As a person on vacation, you would cherish a calm and peaceful environment. Going through the hassles of checking in to a hotel will not afford you this freedom; especially with the activities of room service. Serviced apartments have the advantage of immediate check in and check out. Once you have been booked into your serviced apartment, you have the luxury of privacy. You are free to work, play and relax in whatever order you want.

As a person travelling with extra members, the extra space enables everyone not to step on any other person’s toes. As serviced apartments are not charged per person, you don’t get to incur any extra charges in the process of experiencing Mumbai with your family members. By their very nature, serviced apartments are private, self-contained accommodations, separated from the hustle of bustle of Mumbai.

  1. Low Cost

We have already spoken a bit about how cheap serviced apartments are compared to hotels. Apart from the charges being reduced, there are other ways you save money. One of such ways is the fact that serviced apartments mostly come with an in-room washer and dryer. In other words, there is no need to pay extra for laundry charges when you can do it yourself. This is especially convenient if you pack light or get your clothes dirty easily.

  1. Presence Of Kitchen

Another good thing about serviced apartments in Mumbai is that they all come with a kitchen. Most of these kitchens have a fridge and microwave. While you may not have that much time to cook a lot during your vacation or even want to spend it all cooking for that matter, this still has a few perks. One of which is that you can heat up leftovers from restaurant meals or just make a quick breakfast once in a while. For those who require special meals due to their diet, this is a huge blessing. With serviced apartments in Mumbai, you have the chance to enjoy some home cooking even away from home.

  1. Services Of A Hotel

Serviced apartments still have everything a standard hotel has, just with better upgrades. Facilities like swimming pools, gym, conference centers, restaurants, internet access, flat television with cable connection, telephone and so on are available. This means that you do not have to sacrifice any comfort or amenity for the other because you chose a serviced apartment

Experiencing Mumbai while basking in the comforts of a nice serviced apartment is something that every traveler should not miss. Not only will you get the pure and beautiful experience of living in a city like Mumbai, but you will get the extra feel of living like a localite.