The well-equipped apartment delivered to you at a certain cost, providing all amenities like a hotel and available at either long term or short term duration, is a Service Apartment. These apartments are a perfect choice for your stay at a wide range of affordable costs. They lighten up your burden for all the household items you would have to carry to and fro, if you have quite much of a moving job. Also, these are capable in providing ideal accessibility to what our own homes would have been like. You in layman terms, act as a tenant in a fully furnished home and has at your doorstep all the services that any hotel or an inn would have provided, all at a lesser expense. Benefits inclusive in these service apartments are plenty of space and an ideal privacy, convenience in case a family travel and also, the best bonanza of getting home cooked meal.

Serviced apartments generally come in view for the business travelers however, it has a range of distinctions in its types. They can be either “aparthotel” which claim to offer a 24-hour reception and are generally located in core areas of the city. Due to the presence of kitchen in the service apartments there is usually an absence of extended facilities kitchen and bar. Then there is corporate housing type which are more casual and of residential type, usually situated in outskirts of the town, with an easy access to business areas.

So, are you out in a city wandering for a perfect hotel stay, then ward that tension off your shoulder, since Service Apartments in Mumbai are going to offer you the same comfy zone at a better rate.