With ample opportunities for industry and tourism, and now people understanding the advantages offered by the serviced Apartment industry, and also the concept, there is more than ever bright future for this industry in India.So, here are the following future trends that will change the way people think about the serviced apartment services:-

Service apartment industry will outstrip Hotels: – The more and more people will now take service apartment as preferred option as compared to hotels or lodges. According to the report published, 4th edition of Global Serviced Apartments Industry, suggested that:-

The need for serviced apartments is on the rise as compared to the total available supply because now the ever global and a multi country business create a unique kind of business activity which involves traveling.

The investors are showing keen interest in the serviced apartment industry and therefore the emergence of new brands is on surge. Therefore this has opened up a whole new market where anyone can offer their services.

Availability of the Luxury facilities will be common: – In coming years the facilities that will be offered by the service apartment industry will not be just basic amenities based on the assembly line type. The clients will have options to choose from theme based apartments, fitness centers, in-home theatres, different payment options, one-the-go package offers and many more to come. These will totally revolutionized the service apartment industry that will make it the leaders of the service industry.

Home-away-from-Home will be more than a Tagline: – The serviced apartment industry has been using and they are almost successful in establishing this tagline as the selling point of their business. The future Of Home-away-from-Home is even brighter because the people in the serviced apartment industry are committed and focused to create a value in their services on daily basis.

Rents will be Standardized: – The most common factor that affects the decision making thought process of the customer will be balanced by the upcoming trend that will set the standards for the rent charged by the serviced apartment providers. The Price bar will be drop down as of increasing competition, thus it will inclined more towards your wallet and the availability of the serviced apartments that will completely suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle will be a selling point of the serviced apartment providers.

Serviced Apartment Industry will expand to Tier-II cities: – As anticipated there will be more demand of the service apartments than ever. So, companies will expand to Tier-II cities also because there is an ample opportunity for business and tourism in those cities in this hyper-connected global world.

Rise of Unconventional Customers: – The upcoming trend of the serviced apartment industry will see the surge in unconventional customers as client. A person who comes to India for medical religious, artistic, research or some other   purposes will prefer serviced apartments than hotels.

Digitalization of Serviced Apartment industry: – This industry will saw a huge digital transformation and implementation of the latest technology which will be focused at providing intuitive support centre. There will be self-help Kiosks, online booking, and digital access keys and you will have online TV, High speed internet, Real time-newspapers, city guide, automated concierge service, real-time meal ordering, online check-in and check-out Apps, or customer reviews and so many other services which will be available the click of your hand.

So these are the main upcoming trends that will lay the foundation for the next wave of the serviced apartment industry.