When you are travelling from outside to Mumbai obviously you required a first-hand knowledge of how you choose service apartment and what are the technical details that you must know before renting the apartment which will be beneficial for both the provider and the renter. For short stay there is not much of a requirement but if you are in for a long term then you can use our Ultimate cheat sheet which we have developed to assist the renter in every possible way.

Understanding the Lease terms

If you are going to rent the Service apartment then you must be aware of the period, from where it begins to where it ends. The precise opening question you may put or ask before taking a service apartment is to be very sure about the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease agreement. If you don’t comprehend any of the point or are in doubt about any term or statement don’t hesitate to ask. Make sure there is no communication gap between you and the provider. Make sure you understand the rules and regulation of the contract prevailing in Mumbai.

What is included in the rent?

The facilities and services in the serviced apartment are generally covered in the rent but some service apartments in Mumbai do not include them in the rent. Therefore you must inquire about it before renting a service apartment. Make sure you ask them about the charges for cable, gas and electric connections are covered in rent or not.

But in Gagal home all these thing are included in tariff. So no worry and live hassle free.

Can I modify my apartment?

The service apartments are usually furnished according to the needs of the Customers. But sometimes if customer feels to have little adjustment then they must first ensure about it from the people in charge whether they will allow it or not.

Emergency repairs

A broken sink, a dysfunctional switch, A.C breakdown or bathrooms tap leakage, who would bear the cost for their repair? “Customer or Provider” makes sure you ask all these questions before renting.

Guest policy

Guest policy varies in Mumbai according to the accommodation type and even to the gender of the customer. Generally, it is not a big deal if you maintain a calm environment and creates no problem but it is logical to ask this prior to any commitment.

Safety and security

Ask the manager of the service apartment about the safety measures taken to ensure the safe stay of customers Some of the questions to ask are; Is there a particular security manager, professional security guards , efficiency of double door lock or working of a CCTV camera. You can also ask or research about the safety quotient of the locality you are staying in.

Parking facility

You must check before whether the service apartment you are looking for have a sufficient space for every individual and will your parking facility is covered in your monthly rent. In Mumbai generally parking spaces are taken on lottery basis or first come first get basis.

If you are interested for a stay in Mumbai and want to rent a cost effective luxury service apartment you will find our ultimate cheat sheet very resourceful and helpful to get your ideal service Apartment.