People often make mistakes while choosing a hotel or service apartment. They overlook some things that they should not and in the end regret choosing the place. Here are few things you must consider before choosing a hotel or service apartment.

Location: People overlook the location they choose because the hotel or service apartment provides other things they like. If they provide good price but the location is too far or the neighborhood is not that good, you will regret choosing this location.

Staff: People often fall in love with places while looking at them on the internet. Don’t do that. If the place is good you should not be careless and overlook the service provided by the staff.

Food: If you are renting a service apartment that food might not be an issue unless you choose their services. But it is important when choosing a hotel to check the quality of the food they provide.

Power: In both hotel and service apartment it is important to see if they have backup during a power cut. You don’t want to be sitting in the dark all night.

Water: Some of the places have water problems and the water in these cities is not clean. You should carefully check what measure the hotel or service apartment is taking to provide you will good quality of water.

Neighbors: When choosing a service apartment choose carefully after you thoroughly asked about the neighbors you will have. You don’t want a disturbing neighbor.

Accessibility to transportation: You chose a hotel or service apartment which will meet all other requirements but do not have proper transportation services. It might a problem. Atleast choose that one which will have a transportation facility nearby.

Network availability: Network availability might not be an issue if you are staying at a hotel but if you are leasing a service apartment it is a big issue. You need to carefully choose a place where you have proper network available. If your loved ones can’t contact you they might get worried.

Cancellation/Return policy: When you choose a hotel or service apartment make sure to check their cancellation or return policy. If you paid a good amount and you need are not met should be able to get fully refunded.

Third Party: Don’t involve a third party when looking for a hotel or service apartment. But in any case you ended up using one, do a background check before you use his/her services.