The Hospitality business is in the midst of the greatest rise in its history – with request for hotel bookings has increased in the past six years by rising in occupancy rates. This elevating news for the hospitality business is good because of the two following reasons: the expanding business of the service apartments due to investments of different companies on increased demands and the worldwide ascent of a working class, with a huge number of individuals who travels every year and needs place to stay rather than a hotel.

  1. Alliance between both hotels and service apartments: The line between customary accommodations and home-sharing may become thinner in 2018 as experts say now both industries are trying to grow together rather than competing. Generally, speaking hotels are trying to create a fusion with service apartments.
  2. Increase in travel prices: Uplifting news for the accommodation business; because of the quality in worldwide economy, The 2018 Global Travel Forecast demonstrated airfares to increment by 3.5%, hotel costs to increment by 3.7% and ground transportation to ascend by .6%.
  3. Creating unique local experiences: Millennial traveler’s today search for local encounters when they travel. From exploring the neighborhood culture to ticking off the can list they need to encounter everything except for in an unexpected way. That is the reason we see hotels over the globe joining forces with nearby travel organizations. This pattern is certainly anticipated that would witness some out-of-the-case thoughts in the coming year.
  4. Change in the role of travel agents: The part of different representative for traveling like travel agents is gradually changing and progressing to be a travel advisor. In the coming year, connoisseur will expect different packages offered by these travel agents. They will be seen taking into account differed inclinations – all ladies’ outing, solo pleasure trips, senior national treks et cetera.
  5. Softer brands will become bigger part: A union of different hospitality business that take an interest in the booking different vehicles and projects of significant brands. All are looking for fast development all around the world, so they can stay on top or come on top.
  6. Customized stays for people: Housing businesses will treat people checking in at 10 p.m. for a short stay uniquely in contrast to people remaining at a resort for half a month. Whatever is going ahead in the business, at last “friendliness” boils down to respecting every person the same way in every market.
  7. Value of Loyalty becomes important: The loyalty toward their repeated clients remains the foundation of such a significant number of various hospitality organizations’ and that positively won’t change at all in 2017. And keeping in mind that such huge numbers of housing organizations are setting so much emphasis and research on their dependability programs,
  8. Hospitaliy is rediscovered: A great deal of times it can be anything but difficult to overlook that, at its core all, the travel business — particularly the hospitality business — is truly about individuals. We don’t intend to, however here and there, in the quest for proficiency and benefit, we as an industry have overlooked our greatest and most critical asset: people.
  9. Luxury is not just a name: The present ideas of lavishness are not restricted to Egyptian sheets or the finest Russian caviar. The hotels or the top of the line hotels don’t need to be overlaid in gold to be impressively luxurious. They simply need a story behind their brands to tell people, so they can understand or relate. Also, that story needs to fit in with the neighborhood situations and inclinations of the groups they work in.
  10. Hotel becomes for smarter: Not all hotels are outfitted with top of the line speakers or TV’s. That was before, now most of the hotels around the world is trying to become modern and smarter in a way that will help their customers best.