While picking a place to stay in a city while you’re visiting can be difficult but when you choose one either a hotel or service apartment, you feel comfortable and look forward to your stay. But when that same place does not meet with your needs and the services they provide are bad you feel disappointed. Now, you can’t change your place because it will waste your time and the time you should be spending exploring the city is now been spent on looking for accommodation.

Every hotel or service apartment has some problem when it doesn’t fulfill the needs of a customer. As a customer here are few of the major things I look for in my accommodation:

1. Comfort: Whether the place I choose is comfortable or not? The place I chose should have comfortable environment. There should be no loud noises around the area. The rooms should smell nice. The mattress should not be over used. The walls should be properly painted or proper wallpaper should be used.

2. Cleanliness: The rooms and the surrounding of the place should be clean. Mostly the rooms and inside of the place should be clean. The blankets should not be dirty or have any kind of marks on it. The bathroom should be clean and there are no dirty towel hangings in the bathroom.

3. Staff: Staff of the place should be well behaved and energetic. The needs of the customers should be properly met and without much delay. The hotel or service apartment staff should provide the required things in the room before the customer checks in the room. The staff should be resourceful and be ready for any challenge. The management should be responsible for staff.

4. Price: Price should be according to the services provided. If the hotel provides 3 star services and charge you for a star hotel, the customer obviously will never return and probably ask others not to stay here.

5. If you provide transportations services, it should be available 24*7. If you don’t have any transportation services you must have a contact with the people who provide these services and make sure they are good at their job.

Whether it’s a hotel or service apartment customer satisfaction should be considered. Because in this business the competition has increased and if you want to succeed you need to think about customers first.