Today, many big MNCs believe to have their own luxurious serviced apartments in various cities of the country like Mumbai. But also there are many organizations that lend these apartments to everyone who needs them. Corporate houses and hotels are not much in preference for long stays specially hotels are absolutely not due to the expenditure, which doesn’t allow probably any common man to do that.

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Some quick questions are given below which may arise in your mind while reading this, are given below –

Now, what actually are serviced apartments?

In simple language, those furnished apartments having the entire home like facilities including even kitchen, are serviced apartments.

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Why serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are because, if an individual go to a new city probably for a week or more, then he/she can neither afford to stay in a hotel nor can survive without living somewhere. Now, what’s left? Yes, serviced apartments.

Big cities like Mumbai are well known for this kind of apartments. Luxurious serviced apartments Mumbai, be it hospitality, housekeeping, room services and starts, everything at its best. A Team of well trained and professional staff look after everything to be perfect, as per the guests comfort.
An organization such as Gagalhome is one of the leading names for service apartments in Mumbai.