This is a completely fully furnished apartment which exists for both the long and brief stays. You can avail all the facilities in the service apartment where you can think that the place will be convenient and the price will be reasonable when you compare with the hotels and service apartments in mumbai. All the service apartments will have well equipped kitchen so that the guest who wish to stay for some time can employ your kitchen in a well prepared manner.

Types of Service apartments

There are two types of service apartments rentals available for the guests they can either choose

– Apart Hotel


– Corporate housing

Apart Hotel

This is a 24 hours service apartment, where this apartment will be positioned in the center of metropolis and makes the guest think that they are surviving in their own house. The price of the apartment may range from budget to deluxe so that the guest can book their rooms according for their needs, there will be a kitchen and a convenient room to make use of.

Corporate housing

This kind of housing will best suit for the corporate employees who will be keeping for months to years and in case if you choose to hotels it will cost too high and you simply cannot meet your budget when you prefer service apartments the rate will be much reduced and that you can save your money, the facilities that you get in the hotel will be provided in this place as well as more and more services will be provided when you compare with hotels. This type of service apartments will be available at the outskirts of the town where it is a fairly easy access to the key areas.

These two types of serviced apartments have many facilities in common that is

Fully Furnished

Television set – DVD MOVIE


Gourmet Kitchens

Closet Space


Dryer and so forth..

Now I will share the features of the serviced apartments rentals

  • Once you are choosing the service apartment for your accommodation you can make certain about security and comfort
  • You don’t need to spend lot of money to rent a service apartment for your comfort
  • The spacious accommodation will be well suited for family holiday or corporate trip
  • The majority of of the time the preferred service apartment will be located at the heart of the city
  • Television set, washing machine, and refrigerator etc will be available in the service apartments
  • The service apartment will have kitchen with utensils, where you can cook your own food
  • Allocated car parking space will be available for the guest

In respect to my opinion if you’re exploring with your friend’s, families or if it is an business trip you avoid need to worry about the accommodation because service apartment is the truly amazing choice for your stay and we the Gagalhome offers the best short stay service apartment available in Mumbai Maharashtra.

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