The number of women travelling alone for business and living in corporate apartments is increasing, and all the preventive steps they take to make them feel safe. It’s a shame, but it’s true: today’s female business travellers can face higher risks to travel safely. Cautions come from transportation methods, and it is, of course, important to select safe serviced apartments that can have this sense of security.

Gagal Homes are committed to keeping women safe while travelling for business, and we pay careful attention to these statistics. If female travellers are really worried or just a little worried, our job is to mitigate these risks and make the trip much more enjoyable — and successful!


Women are pretty hard at managing things in a new city. In addition to security issues, there are other challenges they face when finding the right grocery store and everything else. You can get important materials and materials through the collection of serviced apartments by charging nominal fees. It will reduce shopping pressure, which may be a waste of time.

We take you to the apartment, allowing time to get acquainted with the building and its features and making sure you are comfortable with all available appliances within the corporate furnished apartment. For 24-hour on-call service, you’ll still be able to contact and address any problems or concerns with a staff member


We have service apartments in Mumbai at different locations; whether you are in Mumbai for business or on vacation, our serviced apartments are placed in great areas. You can find travelling from one place to another is very easy. Some of our apartments are located near business hubs and others near different vacation spots. You can choose one of our apartments according to your needs.


Privacy with Spacious Rooms

For female travellers, our serviced apartments are the safe and best accommodation choice. This would every the cost of leasing several hotel rooms to accommodate each. You can have a lovely living area, dining area, laundry room, and kitchen equipped with all the luxurious amenities. Unlike hotels, all additional services that you receive in serviced apartments cost onetime fee. All of these main elements contributed to the worldwide growth of the serviced apartments market.



Some of the hardest things about travelling for business is that you’re away from home, family, and pets, and when you’re trying to focus on your job, feeling homesick can be a strong possibility and also a huge issue. It is also one of the reasons why business travellers no longer prefer hotels; they are too impersonal and promote the feeling of loneliness that you may experience in a strange new place. So renting apartments has become the best way for business travellers to cope with being away from their families.

You feel like you’re returning home at the end of the day with a rented apartment instead of going back to a hotel in a strange city. Living in a hotel for a long time may feel oppressive as you are trapped in one tiny room. At the same time, service apartments allow you to choose between a variety of bedrooms and have a fully furnished living space that will make you feel more comfortable.