It’s a big decision to rent a service apartment. You’re only going to live there temporarily, of course, but if you’re booking a bad apartment, you know how long you’re staying can go very, very slowly when you’re feeling sorry about renting. So how best to stop those regrets? Do your due diligence before you book the apartment in service? You should always make sure you ask questions about service apartment before renting an apartment, and you ask the right questions. And while the specific questions you ask may be specific to your location and situation, there are 20 questions you should always hit on regardless of where you are planning to rent out a service apartment.

Matters of Business

  1. How am I supposed to pay rent? Can I pay in cash? Can I use a credit card?
  2. Are there any utilities included in the rent?
  3. What is the approximate cost for utilities not included in the rent?
  4. Where can I make a complaint about management or maintenance if I have one?
  5. What is the penalty for early termination of the rent?

Maintenance Questions

  1. How big is the maintenance staff?
  2. How do I submit a request for maintenance services?
  3. How long does it usually take to complete the services?


  1. The gas or the electric oven?
  2. Microwave in the kitchen?
  3. What kind of utensils in the kitchen?
  4. What other appliances in the kitchen?


  1. Is there a bathtub or a shower?
  2. Is the water heater available in the bathroom?
  3. Is there enough room for the shelf in the bathroom?
  4. What kind of toilet in the bathroom?


  1. Are there enough outlets for stuff to the plugin?
  2. Is there broadband / DSL / Wifi available?
  3. Can you have 2 phone lines and a separate fax number?
  4. Is there a TV available, if in which rooms?
  5. Is there rent on the cable service?
  6. AC or a fan in the rooms?

Questions concerning the Location

  1. What’s that neighbourhood like?
  2. Where’s the nearest public transit service? (Bus, subway, etc.)
  3. Is there a parking space available?
  4. If the parking space is available, is the rent-free or comes with the rent?


  1. How’s the Security?
  2. What measures have been taken for Security?
  3. What advice you will give us, if we chose to stay with you?


There are some questions that you can ask or have in mind that were not mentioned here. We advise you to talk to the customer support before you book any service apartment to clear your doubts. Most of the service apartment websites have customer support information on their website; you can either call them or send them an email.

Most of the service apartment websites have a page with previously asked questions; you can visit that page and can see if your query is answered in the list of questions.