When you open the dictionary and search for the meaning of the word redefined you will find it means to redesign something for the betterment of it. The service apartment industry concept saw its birth with the beginning of the liberalization in the 1990’s and from thereon it is on ever growing path. Initially the Serviced apartment’s objective was to cater the corporate needs because of shortage of the hotel rooms in metros and the selling proposition was Home-Away-From-Home. Serviced apartments were not sold as hotel rooms for the business executive, but to provide a comfortable living facility like home for the person and his family.

But the picture is totally different now for the serviced apartment industry; today you can find various types of service apartments based on the space factors like studio complex, theme based apartments, corporate housing or leisure apartments or even eco-friendly apartments.

The luxury is what now people looks for, and this is being delivered by the service providers. But is this Luxury which is being provided by the various service apartment service providers is the real one? Well answer to this question is already known to you, the level of luxurious service provided by various providers and the price you pay for it has a wide disparity.

But only exception that stands above from all its competitors is Gagal home and astha Hospitality .The Gagal Home is the one name that solely sell its business based on the slogan “Luxury Redifined “, you may think do they not know the basic spelling of redefined but no it’s not like that “Redifined “is meant for the reputation, core value, unmatched quality service, highest standard of the hygiene, and the implementation of latest technology by the Gagal home.

The concept of this slogan was penned by Mr. Kapil Gagal founder of the Gagal homes, just at the budding age of 20, and for years he is successful in maintaining his convention and has now changed the meaning of running the luxurious service apartment in Mumbai both in  terms of spelling and the quality provided.

Kapil Gagal’s definition of the Luxury means to provide customize experience to their client without lack of facilities as compared to the hotel. In the serviced apartment of  Gagal home you can avail theme based apartment which have  three bedroom facilities equipped with all modern amenities kitchenettes, functional state-of-the-art bathroom, entertainment facilities, multifaceted living room, concierge service ,24/7 internet services, gyms, conference rooms, fitness centre and party areas. The people at  Gagal home are dedicated to provide every support so you can have the best time and experience in the Mumbai city and the best part is that every services provided are offered at prices up to 30% lower than other service other service apartment and 5-star hotels in Mumbai.  Gagal Home is the Residence where you can find contemporary luxury with the exclusive comfort of space which gives the experience of the luxury home. The finest place in Mumbai is now only a call away.