“The within demand for service apartments is credited to superior convenience and cost control over the old standard of expanded stay hotels. “

Because employee awareness rises many companies prefer service apartments rather than hotels and lease apartments. There may be various varieties of rentals apartments available in the location however the most beneficial will be service apartments for all the employees.

I actually will share some great things about service apartments

1. Service apartments will make you feel you happen to be in your own home, you can reside with your whole family or maybe you can stay alone too.

2. Service apartments are cost effective wherein if you opt for a much longer stay then you can certainly save lots of money.

3. The apartments may be totally furnished so you do not have to spend money on the essential amenities.

4. The privacy will be more perfect and there will be 24 hour Reliability camera surveillance hence you can trust the service apartments.

5. Most of the people prefer service apartments located near shuttle bus terminus, train stations, air-ports, and malls, hence will probably be easily access for employees to reach the vacation spot.

6. There are many amenities available operating rentals compared to hotels since there are fitness centers, gyms and spas where one can sit and enjoy for plenty of hours.

7. The service apartments could be more spacious than hotel rooms, it will have more and more extra space in the apartments so as to call your beloved friends and have fun with them for some time that you can’t do it in the hotels.

8. The service apartments will be provided with the fully furnished kitchen that is you can prepare food your own food anytime you need and it will also reduce the cost if you select to spend eating outside the house.

9. The service apartment will be provided with the automatic washer and drop dryers and so it will reduce the expense of the routine laundry service.

10. Employing the service apartments you can accommodate number of employees in the same apartment who are working in the same project hence will probably be very easy for all employees to collect in a single place when there exists an issue in the project.

I wish now you might have got a conclusion of why many companies like service apartments for their employees