Nowadays service apartments are a buzz and you must have heard this word quite often isn’t? Today everyone loves to stay in a budgeted service apartment and you already know that because your friends and colleagues are picking service apartments over hotels as their accommodation while visiting Mumbai and they must have been referring to you the same. There are following reason why there is a sudden love for service apartments and you must follow the herd too:-


Any visitor planning to travel to Mumbai has its own set of requirements either it can be very short stay, a bit long or maybe a lengthy one .The thing about Service apartments which makes it a favorite over hotel is that staying here for any period of duration is not limited or restricted and charges are flexible either you stay for a night or a month. It adapts according to your requirement.


Budgeted Service apartments are not a substitute for hotels as they give full head-on competition to them in every area of hospitality. The serviced apartments in Mumbai are known for their magnificence as located within and around the greenery offering a great tranquil experience not compromising with the up to date facilities and services like free internet facility, DTH, LED T.V, Modern kitchen equipments, Bathroom fitted with cutting edge technology, and exquisite interior which gives you the experience of a comfortable stay away from home.


The service apartments are always built with keeping the industrial hub of the city in the mind. Companies can easily stay their client’s who frequently visits them in service apartments providing them a contented experience. If you want your visitors to get a relaxed living and have no problem getting anywhere in Mumbai surely serviced apartment will not disappoint you. Located perfectly away from the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan, but not too much isolated these budgeted service apartment will surely make you forget the tiredness of the day. These budgeted service apartments also offer easy commute to airport, taxi, local train and bus services warranting a safe and secure journey to the visitors.


As we know Mumbai is the most costly city in the India, so affording an accommodation here will cut your budget heavily. That’s why people love the budgeted service apartment as they are comparatively cheaper with same set of facilities provided by the hotels whether you stay for a day, week or a month. Beside that you will be paying on room basis and not per person; this means visitors can add extra persons with them to save the rent. Visitors will be provided with kitchen which will be equipped with everything require to cook your own food and hence it is more cost effective.

Budgeted service apartment suits both alone traveler as well as the whole family because one can adjust their budget accordingly with a bit of planning thus experiencing the best out of their stay at reasonable price and high quality service.

That’s why we love the budgeted service apartments as they are multi-usable for their clients while staying in Mumbai.