Guest house which is also known as boarding house  is a small cottage or a house offering accommodations for lodging guests, travelers which is adjacent to the main house on a big property. Guest house is usually used by the students or expatiates who have shifted to other country for studies or job. The guest houses are rated on the basis of their cleanliness, food quality, services and hospitality from one to stars. These guest houses are available from low budget to luxury rooms, which serve as a need of small hotel in bigger cities. They usually provide bed and the breakfast.

Hotel on the other hand means commercial property especially for people who are travelling or are tourist; they provide people with meals, lodging and other guest services.   The hotels are ranked into ‘star’ categories i.e. 1- star to 7 stars, on the basis of the facilities and services they provide.

Whereas Service Apartment which is also known as temporary homes basically is a fully furnished rented house providing amenities like hotel that are available for both i.e. short term and long term stays. These apartments provide us with facilities like soft furnishings, rooms that are more spacious as compared to the hotels and sometimes cooking utensils, for people who have planned to reside there for long term. They also provide us with modern services like front office, housekeeping, telephone, internet connection and parking other facilities.

In a city like Mumbai, there are plenty of guest house, hotels, and service apartments available to the people. It is then, their choice to choose which one is better for them, and is affordable. Hotels and service apartment’s offers fully furnished room and provided with all basis facilities, where as guest house does not, so people migrating to Mumbai prefer living in a rented house.

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