Compared with expensive hotel rooms, serviced apartments is an ideal and affordable alternative. Clients now prefer serviced apartments over hotels because they are provided with ample space, privacy, and comfort. Before choosing any serviced apartments in Mumbai, it is always advisable to go through a checklist of things. This will help you select apartments that are ideally serviced.

Location of the Serviced Apartments
The first thing you’ll be looking for when you’re planning your travel is the location. It’s one of the important features a person would ask for, and it’s always good to double-check the location as sometimes it may not be as convenient as you initially thought the location listed. As a traveller, you can do your research by considering how close the apartment is to sights and attractions. How closely connected it is with transportation in the city, and last but not least, if you’re going on a business trip especially places like Mumbai. Check to see how far the location of the serviced apartments is from the intended business location. All of these factors matter just as much as you make your decision to choose serviced apartments in Mumbai.

Privacy with Plenty of Space
Business travellers want ample space to rest and work in, but they also want their privacy. Therefore, room sharing with coworkers is better avoided, and an emphasis on delivering a home-from-home experience while staying at a hotel for business purposes is instead. If you are struggling to find accommodation that satisfies these criteria, serviced apartments usually give up to 30 per cent more space than alternatives to hotels, making them a compelling option when meeting business travellers’ needs.

Well Equipped Kitchen
A serviced apartment needs to have a fully fitted kitchen to make a traveller feel at home. A traveller can look for a refrigerator, cooking appliances such as a microwave oven, crockery, cutlery, facilities for washing up, etc. At, these facilities are still accessible as we understand the value of getting your room as the true master of the kitchen.

Tech Savvy Rooms
These days we are travelling with a lot of battery-powered gadgets, and you’re not going to hear the end of it if a picky traveller has to charge their phone some feet away from the bed.
Therefore it is highly desirable to have an adequate number of power outlets and USB charging points, but there are other tech amenities you will need to consider.
For example, millennial travellers are likely to choose a streaming video service as their favourite in-room amenity. In contrast, high-frequency business travellers are keen to maintain their own ‘profile’ that delivers a personalized stay wherever they may be.

Few business trips without WiFi may endure, but if there are any obstacles to getting online, the rates of frustration will increase. For business travellers, hotels that only offer free WiFi in the lobby or limit the number of devices connected in the room will not be popular
For business reasons, more than half of business travellers spend at least one hour a day using in-room internet access. The picky traveller will not want to hunt for access codes or be forced to upgrade their credit once they exceed their allocated online time.

Gagal home serviced apartments in the Best serviced apartments in Mumbai.