Staying in a hotel usually limits our freedom by being there only in one room, while a service apartment consists of well-furnished4-5 rooms along with well equipped kitchen and other basis facilities available in them, thus one can enjoy a comfortable and homey feeling.

One of the main reason why people in Mumbai prefer taking up a service apartment over star hotel is, hotels are expensive than a apartment, traveller or a businessman who has to move around the country for business work, cannot afford spending money on the hotels. While service apartment is typically less expensive, which saves money as they provides you with amenities like washing machine, internet access, and flat television with cable connection, telephone, swimming pool, gym and so on and also living in a service apartment makes you feel like a localite and get pure experience of living in the city like Mumbai, which is beautiful.

And, the prime reason why people would prefer service apartments over star hotels in Mumbai  is because, the life in Mumbai is really busy, too noisy, too haphazard; people then would want a calm and peace environment, with 24×7 immediate check in check out but not like hotel receptions where people are waiting in lines.

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