Mumbai is a happening city if you still haven’t visited just not wait for the right time because this is the right time, just pack your bag and get the feel of the most beautiful city of the world. Everyday there is something happening like rock concert, literary events, sport events or various competitions. So, if you are planning in future to visit Mumbai there are certain items you must bring with yourself.

Mumbai Travel guide: – This is very important since you will be visiting Mumbai for the first time. This guide will help you steer your visit seamlessly and with some or no support since you can find any location with the help of this guide.

Mumbai Local train schedule: – This will come handy as you will be travelling a lot while your stay in Mumbai and local trains are the best and cost effective way to reach your destination. So, you must buy a schedule of the local trains of Mumbai in advance.

Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer: – These items are essential as the temperature of Mumbai is very humid so wet wipes will give you a refreshing feel. Also the Mumbai is very crowded and you come in touch with many people thus hand sanitizer is important to keep you clean.

Power Bank: – While travelling to Mumbai you might be taking lots of photos and frequently calling from the phone. So, you need a battery power backup for your phone and here power bank comes handy.

Insect Repellent: – Every city in India has the Mosquito problem and Mumbai is not spared from this nemesis. So, it is advisable to keep an insect repellent of a good pharmaceutical company.

Light Clothes:-As Mumbai is located near sea, so there is no winter in Mumbai and for this reason you must pack light clothes for your stay.

Emergency Contacts: – Keep a small notebook in which you have written down all the emergency phone numbers in case of any emergency.

Fanny Pack:-This will come in handy as you can keep change, your medicines and other small but important items.

Credit Card:- Make sure you are not carrying too much cash with you for convenience and safety purpose, therefore keep your credit card with yourself.

Hindi Translation book:-If you want to take help from locals then  you must use Hindi translation book for better understanding if there is problem of language gap.