Serviced apartments are now getting more and more popular as a second option to the hotel rooms. Budgeted service apartment allure and attract leisure or business travelers who needs short to medium term accommodation,but these customers do not like the unnatural and confined atmosphere of the Hotels. So,service apartments are meant for
those who want independence, space and the feel of natural living. Here is the tricky part, there are so many service apartments available so one can be confused how to find which is the best option and how to choose the best serviced apartment provider so that one can have satisfying and delightful stay. So,we have provided you some useful tips which will help you to thoroughly evaluate and compare the facilities and services provided by the Budgeted Service Apartment before moving into a service apartment.

Here are the 10 quick tips:-

Convenience and coziness

When you book a room in hotel, you know that the rooms in which you will be staying are going to be cut out from the assembly line. What it means is that mostly all the rooms of the hotel will be of same type,size and design. And if you want more luxury then price you have to pay is quite over the top which is not a reasonable thing to do.
That’s why there has been a change in the trend where travelers are opting for more convenient and comfortable accommodation which is provided by service apartments.

So,if you want to choose a service apartment then look for the apartment which meets all your needs.You can choose the apartment according to your requirements airy, spacious. Modern, technology fit,reachable with public transport or within the commercial hub of the city. Generally serviced apartment comprise all of these facilities so you don’t have to waste your time on the search.

Customer Reviews

By reading the past experiences of the previous customers you can get a realistic perspective about any particular serviced apartment provider.The customer reviews are important because it shows the consistency and commitment level of the service provider.


If you are looking for a place to stay which gives you a home like feeling then there is no better option than service apartments at the normal price. These serviced apartments are more cost-effective than any hotel or private accommodation. So,next time go and search for the best available service apartment at a very nominal charge.

Suitably located

If you are looking for a budgeted service apartment then the point of its location becomes essential, because if you are coming on a business trip then you have to beat the nearest location from your business site. Even if you are coming for leisure trip then you must be at centre of the place from where you can go anywhere.


This point also becomes important from the safety point of view. If you are looking for a service apartment then you must check whether it is guarded by the professional’s or not.Does it is fully equipped with safety cameras, room and safe locks are secured, entrance and exits are fully covered or not.


If you have chosen a particular serviced apartment provider then ask for any awards or accreditations given to them by the industry. This accreditations hows that they are reliable and fully dedicated towards their goal, and they are consistent on delivering their promises.


The serviced apartment provider you have chosen must have atleast 10 years of experience in their field. More the experience more they are familiar with need sand expectations of the customer. They will have no problem dealing with any type of customers.


If you are looking for a service apartment check whether your apartment is not situated where you can heard people coming and going.It is important because you don’t want to get distracted in the middle of the meeting.


If you are looking for a service apartment check whether your apartment is spacious enough or not to provide you a home like relaxing experience. More the space more you will be comfortable and can concentrate on your business.

24/7 Service

The best options to go for the service apartment are the one which provides 24/7 service.As you are new to the town you might need something and you don’t know where to go, so if the staff at service apartments is 24/7 available you might not have to worry about any thing.
The above described tips are very essential to look down while starting your search for the service apartment.