Service Apartments are getting popular day by day .Everyone wants to be part of this experience but still there are some misconceptions about the service apartments that need to be stated.

Service Apartments are too pricey: – This is a very common misconception about the service apartment. If you ask anyone who has used the service apartment (Gagal Home) will tell you that this totally false. The service apartment industry is a growing industry so the service providers will provide best services at affordable cost.

Home Comfort is just a Hoax: – There are people who say service apartments are just fancy and classy words of hotel; they are just made up to allure customers. This is absolutely wrong the service apartment (Gagal Home) providers are totally dedicated and committed towards providing their customers a home like experience. If you really want to make sure then you can try them for one day or even check the customer reviews.

Service Apartments are not easily available: – You can bet on the fact that nowadays service apartments are available in every city. Everyone is investing in this business and is ready to transform this trend into an established industry. You can find their locations online or on yellow pages.

Service Apartments are not efficiently staffed: – People often say that service apartments are just one man show; you will go there and find one or two people serving the customers. Well that misconception is just too offensive for the people who are dedicated for this business. There is a team (Gagal Home) of people from a bellboy to the manager available 24/7 at your service so that you can have a home-like experience.

Service Apartments are just for corporate: – This is a very common misconception that service apartments are just meant for business travelers. Well service apartment industry is not just corporate phenomenon; they are ready to cater any type of travelers and to give them a lifetime experience like ( Gagal Home) we specially designed our apartment according to corporates & leisure we have wide range of apartment suites. Our aim is to luxury Redefined in a cost effective manner.

Service Apartments do not provide Kitchen supplies: – Well if you want to cook food for yourself during your visit at Gagal Home service apartment, obviously you will need kitchen supplies like cookware, bake ware or gas stove. It is being wrongly misconstrued that service apartment providers do not provide any of these supplies on the other hand they will assist you in setting up the kitchen.

Service Apartments have no security: – You cannot run a hospitality business without providing you and your customers a safe feeling. You can bet on the fact that Gagal Home service apartment providers use the best security service and latest technology to safeguard the customers from outside.

Service Apartments cannot be booked online: – You are totally mistaken if you believe in this misconception, the best run business in this industry have a full pledged online system ( that will provide you online support to book or cancel your apartment at any time.

Service Apartments have no options: – Gagal Home Service apartment provides various types of suites according to the different needs of the customers. You can have theme based suite, corporate suite or even suites meant for whole family.

Service Apartments are not easily reachable: – Mostly all the Gagal Home service apartments are easily connected by all the public and private transports .So; you will have no problem in reaching your desired location without any hassle.

As now you have understood the basic misconceptions about the Service apartments, so next time don’t hesitate to book your next service apartment.